Onpoints Gamma Ray

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Registration#: CKC GN451825
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 JUL 1997
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
John Reid [ Onpoint ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-6589G29M-T

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Onpoints Gamma Ray

Am FC AFC NFC Fieldway's Jack Daniels ROM HOF
Fieldways Mr Murphy

Am FC AFC Fieldway's Arlor Sams Ransom
Ar-lor Randy's Sam / Arlor Randy's Sam
Randy Beth
Maraff's Rowdy Ruby

Am Ch Masha's BB Red Baron
Rebel Rouser Best Bet
Rebel Rouser Best Bet

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
Rebel Rouser Penny
Rebel Rouser B Nuts

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
Rebel Rouser Arrow

Onpoints Secret Radar FD

AFC FC Buster Keeton MH

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Rebel Rouser Star

Am FC Linden's Little Jessie CD MH

Am Ch Camarily Sand Dollar
Linden's Little Renegade CD

Am Ch Rad's Ginger Snap JH


Am/Can Ch Valhi's Stick to Your Guns CD VC HOF

Am Ch Boshar's Budapest Babe

Am DC AFC Camarily Sandman ROM

Camarily Dyna Might

Mating Partners: 6
Onpoint's Fulluv Gusto
Strider's TNG
Gingersnap Dunmore's Pride
Onpoints Tempestuous Viper
Glenfield's Chloe In The Field
Katibeck's Cera Ice Storm

Offspring: 49
Gingersnap Atlas Gunnar
Gingersnap Cayenne Pepper
Gingersnap Gunnar's Mare
Gingersnap Miska
Gingersnap Rusty Quick Fetch
Gingersnap Sir Winston
Gingersnap's Pacific Ranger
Katibeck Archie Second Chance
Katibeck Chance Great Defender
Katibeck Dakoda Of Our Dreams
Katibeck Famous Hunter
Katibeck Java Bella Sol
Katibeck Jazmine And The Boys
Katibeck Joey Red Collar
Katibeck Kawa De Mag
Katibeck Kayne Specia K
Katibeck La Rousse Elke
Katibeck Libby May Sunshine
Katibeck Ludo De Mag
Katibeck Mlle Josephine
Katibeck Morgan Fudge Browny's
Katibeck Taz Shilo
Katibeck Tchan Kouri
Katibeck Terra Zoe
Katibeck's Amber Topaz
Laurica 44 Magnum
Laurica Bala Buddy
Laurica Copper In The Field
Laurica Kobi Dancing Tango
Laurica Little Dickens
Laurica Rainy Pink Lady
Laurica Rising Dutchess
Onpoint's Banff Springs
Onpoint's Bvr Shooter
Onpoint's Controversy
Onpoint's Crowd Pleaser
Onpoint's Daisy
Onpoint's Dash
Onpoint's Desperado
Onpoint's Drifter
Onpoint's Final Clue
Onpoint's Grand Finale
Onpoint's Lucky Dollar
Onpoint's Thunder Rolls
Onpoint's Wild Thorn
Onpont's Controversy
Strider's Ready To Run Dixie
Strider's Top Choice
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Siblings: 7
Onpoints Charles Ray
Onpoints Laser Ray
Onpoints Manta Ray
Onpoints Sting Ray
Onpoints Sugar Ray
Onpoints UV Ray
Onpoints X Rayted

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