Russet Leather Indianoutlaw ROM

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Registration#: AKC SN21449801
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 24 NOV 1994
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 4.803%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Beverly Wanjon (Sartor) [ Russet Leather ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-5219G25M

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Russet Leather Indianoutlaw ROM

Am Ch Russet Leather Son Of Sutiao

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Am Ch Rotkopf Russet Leather Rival

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Am/Can/Mex/Int Ch Totton's Stephania Of Rotkopf
Russet Leather Warbonet Bess Voros Ciganyvajda
Rebel Rouser Countess

Am Ch Caveat Russet Leather Creel

Am Ch Rotkopf Russet Leather Rival

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Am/Can/Mex/Int Ch Napkeltei Vadasz Dalos CD
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Am Ch Russet Leather's Ricca Luna

Am/Can/Mex/Int Ch Napkeltei Vadasz Dalos CD
Pajtas Theissl

Mating Partners: 7
Szizlin A'Int Gonna Stop Her
Legacy's Cracklin Rosey
Legacy's Endless Summer
Ankerdale's Deanna
Szizlin's Sail On Sail On Vela
Szizlin Pinch Me I'm Dream'n
Szizlins Aint She Command'N

Offspring: 45
Ankerdale's Indian Curry
Legacy Sunrise Indian Jewel
Legacy's Apricot Brandy
Legacy's Bad Moon Rising
Legacy's Dream Lover
Legacy's Hardy Harley
Legacy's Starshine
Legacy's Summer Magic
Legacy's Sunrise Serenade
Nicole Keira Suggs 'Nicky'
Q's Legacy Copper Rancos
Q's Legacy Lil' Maggie
Sassafras Charlie Waddell
Sassafras It's A Shore Thing
Sassafras Keep On Dream'n
Sassafras Majestic River Girl
Sassafras X Marks The Spot
Sassafras's Cameo Appearance
Szizlin Aint Jus Wislin Dixie
Szizlin Cambrya's Leo
Szizlin Coda Chrome
Szizlin Czar Brave'Art
Szizlin Dudley Benson
Szizlin Even Steven
Szizlin Hannah Delahanty
Szizlin II
Szizlin Kelso Rowlf
Szizlin Murphy
Szizlin Power Ranger
Szizlin Prima Ballerina
Szizlin Riverview Giles of Guilford
Szizlin Ruffian Sadie
Szizlin Stuart The Bold Ruler
Szizlin Sundown Lightfoot
Szizlin Titan Rebel Janick
Szizlin Whole Lotta Liz
Szizlin Winning Colors
Szizlin's Command'n Brand'A Ruffian
Szizlin's Copper Firestorm
Szizlin's Davona Dale
Szizlin's Serendipity
Szizlin's Simply Irresistible
Szizlin's They Call Me Bond
Szizlin's Top Gun
Szizling Aint She Amazin
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Siblings: 16
Russet Leather Anasazi
Russet Leather Brok'n Feather
Russet Leather Cat Dancin Dan
Russet Leather Chippewa
Russet Leather Coco Buksi
Russet Leather Denali Spirit
Russet Leather Dream Catcher
Russet Leather Kickapoo
Russet Leather Kilkenny
Russet Leather Kitty Hawk
Russet Leather Sabra's Navajo
Russet Leather Salishan
Russet Leather Seneca
Russet Leather Seneca Sadie
Russet Leather Tawa
Russet Leather Waukesha

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