Am GrCh Plaza's Save The Last Dance JH

Call Name: Hummer

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SR49641602
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 24 MAR 2008
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 2.315%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Eye Test: Tested 2009
Thyroid: OFA-Normal 2010
Health Notes: CHIC: 68732

OFA: VZ-11737G24M-VPI

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Am GrCh Plaza's Save The Last Dance JH

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Mating Partners: 23
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Ciganyoz Yves St Laurent (AI)
Szizlin Tarot Redtailed Raptor
Copper Creek's Penny Lane
Storm Winds Ayenwatha
Renaissance Ms Rumba Of Red Run
Highfield Heidi Ho
Szizlin's Sail On Soar'n Lyra
Plaza's Willow Weep For Me
Cameo's There's Something About Mary
Double Guns Miatt Emma Sarika
Standing-O's Stowe Away At Rk
Red Diamond Chaos Unleashed
Starfire's Every Step You Take
Szizlin Porsche At The Plaza
Szizlin's They Call Me Citori
Brookview Elgin Midsummer Night's Dream
Elgin Cariad Kiralyne Szive
Elgin Cariad Something To Talk About
Happy Tails Tess Of Riverview
Kreeksyde Lady Antonetta of Ayvilon
Plaza's Perfect Storm
Cameo's This Girls On Fire

Offspring: 129
Brookview Claymation's Elvezet
Brookview Hasta La Vizsla
Brookview Henrietta Rey
Brookview Kiralyi Cayenne
Brookview's Birdie Loving Brady
Cameo's All That Glitters
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Cameo's Beach Bunny
Cameo's Casper Sentinel
Cameo's Darling Delilah
Cameo's Destined To Dance
Cameo's Giselle
Cameo's Hoist The Flag
Cameo's Paint The Town Red
Cameo's Ragazza Sole
Cameo's Red Zoey
Cariad Elgin Stairway to Heaven
Ciganyoz Last Tango In Paris (AI)
Ciganyoz Shutup N Dance Withme (AI)
Ciganyoz Take The Lead (AI)
Copper-Creek Maserati
Copper-Creek Ramsay Putnam
Copper-Creek Remus' Workin Lika Dog
Copper-Creek Ruby
Copper-Creek Sweet Sexy Sadie
Copper-Creek's Charlie
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Copper-Creek's Sawyer
Csarda's Stryder Dance Like No One Is Watching
Dalias Voros Herceg
Dickinson Plaza's Pointing Prince
Elgin Cariad Cuppa Joe
Elgin Cariad Magyar Princess
Elgin It's All About Me At Sleepy Hollow
Emma Schilligo
Grebe's Gabriella Sunrise Dancer
Grebes Get Straight To The Point
Grebes Huntress Mighty Kai
Grebes Wiggleback Nikolette
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Happy Tails Jax
Happy Tails Timothy The Precious One
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Miatt Emma At The Plaza Copper
Miatt Emma At The Plaza Little Emily
Miatt Emma At The Plaza Rose
Peaches' Loyal Scout
Plaza's Blazing Star
Plaza's Bryn There Done That
Plaza's Cut to the Jace
Plaza's Dancing In The Hall Of Fame
Plaza's Dazzlin Darby
Plaza's Front Paige News
Plaza's I'm Bentley
Plaza's Majestic Deja Vu--Doo
Plaza's Perfect Storm
Plaza's Skye's The Limit
Red Diamond Dance 'Til Dawn
Red Diamond Dance on the Brigantine
Red Diamond Dancing At The Plaza
Red Diamond Dancing In The Sun
Red Diamond Dancing With Fire
Red Diamond Desert Dancer
Red Diamond Dirty Dancing
Red Diamond Keep On Dancing
Red Diamond Vino Makes Me Dance
Red Run Chasing The Beat
Red Run Goin to the Big Dance
Red Run Ready To Dance
Red Run Rockin' Roland
Remy of Dixieland's Last Dance
Renaissance Red Run Spirit Of Th' Dance
Riviera Elgin Lady Mila of Cariad
Riviera Elgin Magyar Villam
Riviera Elgin Princess Grace Of Pass-A-Grille
Russet Leather Stormwinds Navajo Code
Russet Leather Stormwinds Paiyatamu
Russet Leather Stormwinds Red Dawn
Russet Leather Stormwinds Uj Kezdet
Russet Leather Strmwnd La Dolce Vita
Russet Leather Summer Storm
St Michel The Archangel
Standing-O ' N' Stoweaway Red River Running
Stormwinds Russet Leather Here Comes The Sun
Stowe-Away At the Heart of Our Ohana
Stowe-Away Cayenne
Stowe-Away Ginger
Stowe-Away N' Standing-O's Archer's Paradox
Stowe-Away N' Standing-O's Dance Partner
Stowe-Away's Comin' Round The Mountain
Stowe-Away's Rudder De Remando Y Vida
Stowe-Away's Ruger Red Hawk
Szizlin Caesar Rossini
Szizlin Constantinople
Szizlin Gung-Ho Gunner
Szizlin Gunner An Awesome Hunter
Szizlin Julia 'N Marcelo's Leo
Szizlin Lozier's What's One More
Szizlin Parker Cape
Szizlin Plaza's Haven Can Wait
Szizlin Reeva Dare She Dance
Szizlin Remitrano's Jack of Hearts
Szizlin Sir Luke of the Commonwealth
Szizlin Summer The Beach Boy
Szizlin Sweet Adeline
Szizlin's 'I' Got Rhythm
Szizlin's Dexter Bugatti
Szizlin's Footloose
Szizlin's Kiss'n The Stone
Szizlin's Magyar Lincoln Continental
Szizlin's North Shore Kaya
Szizlin's Purple Heart Breakin' Velvet
Szizlin's They Call Me Zazu
Truwes Chukarz Fear Trove
Truwes Grace Wins
Truwes Prancing In The Clover
Truwes's Filled To The Brim Cyder
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Siblings: 5
Plaza' Dance With Me Henry
Plaza's Dance In Plain Sight
Plaza's Danced With Eloise
Plaza's Dancing At Honor Point
Plaza's Dancing With The Stars

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