Am GrChB Vizcaya's Return Of The Cisco Kid

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Registration#: AKC SR62107204
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 11 MAR 2010
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 4.503%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Nancy Edmunds [ Vizcaya ],
Nancy Edmunds [ Vizcaya ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Excellent
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Eye Test: Tested with breeder options noted 2016 - E1-Cataract - Suspect not inherited. OFA-Normal 2014. Tested 2012
Thyroid: OFA-Normal 2018
Health Notes: CHIC: 131693

OFA: VZ-12611E24M-PI

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Am GrChB Vizcaya's Return Of The Cisco Kid

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Mating Partners: 6
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Offspring: 18
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Fantasy's This Is The Beginning
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Ky's Calamity Jack
Ky's Pistols 'N' Petticoats
Ky's Wynnsome Annie Oakley
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Vizcaya's Keeping Dexter Haven
Vizcaya's Return of Pancho
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Siblings: 11
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