Am GrCh Tivoliz Expert Witness

Call Name: Skoda

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SR50348004
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 30 APR 2008
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 1.857%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Deborah Lynn Stern [ Tivoliz ],
Deborah Lynn Stern [ Tivoliz ],
Josh & Theresa Davis,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Eye Test: Tested 2010
Thyroid: OFA-Normal 2010
Health Notes: CHIC: 65597

OFA: VZ-11778G24M-VPI

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Am GrCh Tivoliz Expert Witness

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Am/Can Ch Kizmar Roamin Candle
Am Ch Kizmar Duke Of Earl CD

Am/Can Ch Kizmar Caveat Only Th' Lonely CD JH OA OAJ Can CD ROM
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Am Ch Dawn's Bell Bottom Blues CDX NA

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Am/Can Ch Szizlin A'Int Gonna Stop Her JH ROM

Am Ch Dirigo Tailor-Made AXJ CDX JH MX NAP NJP ROM

Am Ch Szizlin's Ain't She Mesmeriz'n JH ROM

Mating Partners: 12
Derby's Mint Julep
Tivoliz Now Pay Attention
River Run's One Particular Harbor
Jackpot Here We Go Again
Jakra's Flirtn With Temptation
Suzu's Gem Crystal Clear Jasper
Artisan's Pink Lollapalooza
Solaris Diamond Dogs
Szep's Mark My Words
Captivatin's I'm The One
Brittania N Bayviews Ida One
Tivoliz Never Kiss And Tell

Offspring: 63
Bayview's Dubya Nine Eleven
Bayview's Mysterious Ways
Bayview's One For The Money
Bayview's The Last Time
Bayviews Sweep'n The Clouds Away
Briar N Suzu Hey You! Get Off Of My Cloud
Briar's Happy Little Cloud
Briar's Keep Calm And Float On
Briar's Not A Cloud In The Sky
Briar's On Cloud Nine
Briar's Silver Lining
Captivatin's Godolloi Szep Lany
Captivatin's Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
Captivatin's One For The Ages
Captivatin-N-Tivoliz Anyone Anyone
Cora Ari Novorro
Derby's Anything's Possible
Derby's Endless Possibilities
Derby's Witness What's Possible
Hrq Ask The Expert
Hrq Expert Choice
Hrq Ginger's Expert Satchel
Hrq Meet The Expert
Hrq-N-Tivoliz Exper 'Tease
Ivy Selbers
Jackpot Bean Stalk
Jackpot Hunter of the Prairie
Jackpot Vinny Beanarino
Jackpot's Bean Captivating Ruby
Jackpot's Bean Here
Jackpot's Don't Spill The Beans
Jakra's Fearless Flirt'N
Jakra's Flirtation Device
Jakra's Flirtn With Amazing
Jakra's Flirtn With Flames
Jakra's N Ky's Kimber Flirt'N Fancy
LaTierra's 100 Point Pink Cristal
LaTierra's Belle Epoqué Pink
LaTierra's Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
LaTierra's Life Is A Cabernet
LaTierra's Pink Sea Smoke
LaTierra's Que Syrah Syrah
River Run's Believe In Miracles
River Run's It's A Sweet Sweet Life
River Run's Odisaurus
River Run's Shameless
Solaris Bella Diamante
Solaris December Diamond
Solaris Diamond Disco
Solaris Diamond Expert
Solaris Dixie Diamond
Solaris Rusty Diamond
Solaris White Diamond
Szep's Bella Stella Ruffini
Szep's Expert Mark
Szep's Fire'n Ice
Tivoliz I'll Never Tell
Tivoliz I'll Tell You What
Tivoliz So Many Tales To Tell
Tivoliz Story Teller
Tivoliz Tell Me You Love Me
Tivoliz There's No Telling
Tivoliz What Can I Tell You
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Siblings: 3
Tivoliz Barely Legal
Tivoliz Patent Pending
Tivoliz Pursuit Of Justice

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