Willow Green Bhoy

Registration#: AR02534801
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 6 JUN 2014
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 1.570%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

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Willow Green Bhoy Bitcon Starchaser

Aus Ch/Eng Sh Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind

Aus GrCh Hubertus Dealers Choice

Aus GrCh Hubertus Special Edition (AI)
Aus Ch Hubertus Liberty Bell

Aus Ch Hungargunn Unforgettable
Aus Ch Humeden Rousset Roland ET
Aus Ch Hanafor Feldon Chance
Stanegate Sweet Pea Helmlake Toy Boy Visnyei-Vadász Koma
Helmlake Lovefool
Bitcon Fable Captain Jeeves of Glendun
Kazval Kassia
Alice Ruby Red Volar of Limefield Midas's Golden Boy Lilymere Midas Reviseted
Furnfeather Ruby
Unique Teak Waidman Vagabond of Vallota

Crystal Clear Creek
Chulak Sarah Jean Int/Hun J/ Hun/Hun Sh/Hun GrCh Visnyei-Vadász Sátán FwP JSS AV

Bédai Jónás AP FwP VAV AV
Visnyei-Vadász Trixi VKV VAV
Am Ch Egri Poppyhills Petite Sirah for Chulak JH

Am Ch Egri I Like Ike CDX MH AX OAJ VC ROM
Am Ch Egri Elegans JH ROM

Mating Partners: 25
Rossendale Lady Bess
Markenbrow Sleeping Beauty
Cherry of Skyrocket
Kentelv Queen
Durhams Gem
Moonshine Ruby
Eltisley Airbruach
Reidolvalley Crystalclear
Kentredecim Sandy Cove
Foxy Claret
Daisy Sneibratas
Kenquartz Uptown Girl
Copper Sunrise
Earth Ambler
Red Tiger Lilly
Fenseges By Fensege's
Bo Bridget
Lady Santiago
Reidolvalley My Pleasure
Kentixen Geranium
Tilly Milly
Amber Mystery
Beautiful Bijou
Tamzins Precious Lady
Purple Margaret

Offspring: 204
Afon Taff
Angel Grey
Annie Amber
Antheia Giver Of Love
Apollo Joyous Sun God
Arthur Tom
Astraea Glittering Star
Atlanta Bell
Atlantic Boy
Aurra Sing
Baby Beyonce
Baby Esmi
Baskervilles Gabor
Baxter Boy
Bazine Netal
Bear Bernat
Begonia Blue Lady
Bella Vita
Bentleys Bandit
Bing Black
Blazing Star Of Duffryns
Bluebell Princess
Bosk Trandoshan
Bourbon Blazer
Brandy Boulevardier
Brave Sailor
Britney Blue
Cad Bane
Calvin Clive Jai
Cassie's Girl
Coral Pearl
Dahlia Rose
Davids Delight
Doobsters Dollar
Dream Chaser Wonder
Edenstar Belle
Electra Golden Goddess
Elena Brightest Star
Elevated Prince
Elias Show Ground
Ellisty Lilly Queen
Eragon De Chaney
Fair Duke
Fallow Track Finlay
Feather Tide Flokie
Fenseges Glen Douglas
Fenseges Glen Finglas
Fenseges Glen Lui
Fenseges Glen Lyon
Fenseges Glen Mark
Fenseges Glen Shee
Fenseges Glen Shiel
Fenseges Loch An Eilein
Fenseges Loch Errochty
Fenseges Loch Sgadabhagh
Ferander Blue
Firenzy Rosa
Fly Me To The Moon Jake
Forget Me Not Blue
Gabriella Lowri Leaf
Gazza Rooney
Golden Cue
Golden Flame
Golden Willow
Goldyz Delight
Guinness Bear Bhoy
Gungho Timothy Twinkle
Gyonyoru Fiu Barnat
Handsome Prince Of Velvetglory
Harlow Grace
Harry Bow
Hazy Hannah
High Moor Hansel
Highland Dream
Honest Bargain
Hugo De L'amont
Illustrious Princess
Imperial Beauty
Isla Jade
Jackoshmac Dare Bashful
Jackoshmac Dare Beautiful
Jackoshmac Dare Blossom
Jackoshmac Dare Bodhi
Jackoshmac Dare Bold
Jackoshmac Dare Brave
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Jake's Dream Girl
Jas Emari
Jaspers Dream
John Jones
Joking Jon
Jolly Roger
Kassandra Flaming Beauty
Kelly's Red Arrow
Kenaiteen Glowing Shade
Kenaiteen Great Golden
Kenaiteen Mersey
Kenaiteen Nine Carat
Kenaiteen Severn
Kenaiteen Silver's Sister
Kenaiteen Sunlit Wheat
Kenaiteen Thames
Kenaiteen Trent
Kenaiteen Wye
Kenaiteen Yellow Field
Kentish Town Boy
Ketsu Onyo
Kev's Copper Bullet
King Etel Mali
King Lucas The First
Kratos Brave Warrior
Laceys Lad
Lady Alpine Daisy
Lady Ilona
Lady Of The Frome
Lady Rocco
Lass Of Tir Cook
Lavish Leo
Leigha Dream Shadow
Lilac Aster
Lilly Willow May
Lilymias Lad
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Lola's Little Legacy
Lord Edvard Duci
Love Conquers All
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Luxurious Lorenzo
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Majestic Girl
Majestic Queen
Major Ursa Baloo
Margarets Special Lady
Marmalade Moonshine
Master Maverick
Minerva Gracious And Wise
Mystic Madonna
Noble Lady
Oscar Baileys
Peaches And Cream
Pearl Marie Ann
Pegswood Lady Lilibet
Phebe Rees
Phils Warrior
Plantagenet Patton James
Powderham Fizz
Prince Anico
Prince Gellert
Prince Pondicherry
Princess Dolly Dot
Pura Vida
Queen Kent
Queen Ruby
Red Drummer Boy
Red Sky Rhianna
Regal Boy
Regal Duchess
Roccos Punch
Rockies Ragamuffin
Rocking Ragnar
Ruby Red Princess
Rustic Rounder
Salpopindy Far Away
Salpopindy Laugh Out Loud
Salpopindy Love Me Forever
Salpopindy Make My Day
Salpopindy Over The Moon
Salpopindy Round The Twist
Salpopindy Take A Chance
Salpopindy To The Rescue
Salpopindy Top Secret
Salpopindy What's For Tea
Salpopindy Where's My Ball
Sandy Scots Lad
Sapphire Gem Lady
Selene Divine Moonlight
Shadow Hill Shakira
Silver Skud
Starlight Prince
Strawberry Schnaps
Sugi Zabrak
Sunset Goldie
Teeny Tiny Tim
Theia Bringer Of Glory
Tilly Rose
Tir Cook Girl
Tircook Ace
Tircook Aifaifa
Tircook Apollo
Tircook Ash
Tircook Lilly
Tircook Rose
Tyrant Tyler
Tzar Aslan Flash
Valentine Vixen
Varna Gold
Velvet Angel
Vernon Goma Rees
Vita Rose
White Rose
Willow's Girl
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Siblings: 14
Bluebell Dittsy Song
Copper Rose
Golden Green
Ivory Lilly Fields
King Boulavarde
Lavanader Lilly Dew
Lilac Clover
Mid Summer Eve
Pink Rose
Pippin Ruby Red
Prince Rupert The First
Red Flowers In Spring
Snow Drops In Summer
Willow Daisey Maybe

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