Am FC/Can Ch Onpoint's New Man

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Registration#: AKC SN83195401 / FDSB 1557992 / CKC KL666214
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 JUN 2000
Date of Death: 10 OCT 2013
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 9.435%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
John Reid [ Onpoint ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Cause of Death: Unknown


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Am FC/Can Ch Onpoint's New Man


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Mating Partners: 16
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Onpoint's Little Rowdy Lady
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Onpoint's Little Rowdy Now
Onpoint's Little Rowdy Place
Onpoint's Little Rowdy Star
Onpoint's Little Rowdy Time
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Onpoint's Lots Uv Class
Onpoint's Lots Uv Flare
Onpoint's Lots Uv Fun
Onpoint's Lots Uv Jam
Onpoint's Lots Uv Jazz
Onpoint's Lots Uv Joy
Onpoint's Lots Uv Laughs
Onpoint's Lots Uv Style
Onpoint's Lots Uv Time
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Onpoint's Mackintosh Man
Onpoint's Made Strong
Onpoint's Maiden Artemis Rizzy
Onpoint's Man Alive
Onpoint's Man O' War
Onpoint's Man On Fire
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Onpoint's Miwok Big Red Dog
Onpoint's Moon Marigold Man
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Onpoint's Nashing Right In
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Onpoint's New Challenger
Onpoint's New Check
Onpoint's New Day Daisy
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Onpoint's New Dream Man
Onpoint's New Echo
Onpoint's New Era
Onpoint's New Goal
Onpoint's New Hope
Onpoint's New Horizon
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Onpoint's New Journay
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Onpoint's New Ruler
Onpoint's New Spirit
Onpoint's New Start *
Onpoint's New Victory
Onpoint's New View
Onpoint's New Voyage
Onpoint's New Wild Diva
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Onpoint's Nova Romeo At Egerton
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Onpoint's Prada Woman
Onpoint's Pretty Woman
Onpoint's Put It On Me
Onpoint's Raging Doll
Onpoint's Raging Fever
Onpoint's Raging Lady
Onpoint's Raging Party
Onpoint's Raging Player
Onpoint's Raging Ruler
Onpoint's Raging Time
Onpoint's Raleigh Rep
Onpoint's Red Devil
Onpoint's Red Lady
Onpoint's Red Maverick
Onpoint's Red Ranger
Onpoint's Red Star
Onpoint's Red Sun
Onpoint's Scarlet Red
Onpoint's Seeing Red
Onpoint's Sexy Woman
Onpoint's Shake Down
Onpoint's Shock And Awe
Onpoint's Side Woman
Onpoint's Smart Sass
Onpoint's Smokin And Ridin
Onpoint's Somebody Likes Me
Onpoint's South Bound
Onpoint's Southern Breeze
Onpoint's Starting Again
Onpoint's Summer Breeze
Onpoint's Super Man
Onpoint's Sweet Breeze
Onpoint's Taking Control
Onpoint's Taking It All
Onpoint's Taking It Strong
Onpoint's Taking Power
Onpoint's Tempered And True
Onpoint's Temperman
Onpoint's Tempermental Son
Onpoint's Temptress
Onpoint's That's Tempting
Onpoint's The Sundance Kid
Onpoint's Thug Lovin'
Onpoint's Too Tuff
Onpoint's Top Man
Onpoint's Tropical Breeze
Onpoint's True Artemis King
Onpoint's Tuff Check
Onpoint's Tuff Rival
Onpoint's Urban Man
Onpoint's Wd Budapest Babe
Onpoint's Wd Cruel Girl
Onpoint's Wd Gypsy Girl
Onpoint's Wild Thang
Onpoint's Winning Check
Onpoints Amazing Beam / Onpoints Amazing Beamer *
Onpoints Brutis Beefcake
Onpoints New Start *
Prince Covy Of Feldhorsten
Ruby Red Slippers
Rubys Kokomo Dunnit Again
Sir Winston Clarence Collins
Vidulich's Onpoint At Cyn Ridge
Vizslavilla Bubu Chile *
Vizslavilla's Bakfis Cinammon *
Vizslavilla's Bence *
Vizslavilla's Biborka Ellie *
Vizslavilla's Boci Stella *
Vizslavilla's Boglarka Rez *
Vizslavilla's Skye High *
Zoie Singletary
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Siblings: 17
Onpoint's Bound For Glory
Onpoint's Daze O Glory
Onpoint's Desert Rain
Onpoint's Fields O Glory
Onpoint's Glory Daze
Onpoint's Hope N Glory
Onpoint's Hurricaine Rain
Onpoint's Morning Glory
Onpoint's Nite Rain
Onpoint's Praise N Glory
Onpoint's Pure Glory
Onpoint's Summer Rain
Onpoint's Tornado Rain
Onpoint's Tropical Rain
Onpoint's Voo Watcha Doo
Onpoint's Wild Rain
Onpont's Dark Rain

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