Call Name: Ruger

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SR01813101 / FDSB 1557763
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 JUN 2002
Date of Death: 20 DEC 2016
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 9.763%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Pam & Mark Spurgeon [ Crimson Sky ],
Pam & Mark Spurgeon [ Crimson Sky ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Excellent
Eye Test: Tested 2010
Cause of Death: Unknown

OFA: VZ-8685E24M-PI

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AFC FC Lifo Riley
AFC Little Richie Whompum MH

Demetri's Richie Whompum
Ginger Snap XVIII
Rebel Rouser Dolly IV

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF
Rebel Rouser Desperado
My-T-Hi North Starr

Am DC Viesoo's Prodigal Son

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Am Ch Viesoo's Szidi v Penlee
Am NFC AFC Rebel Rouser's Starr

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am FC AFC NFC Magma's Samantha Of Voros Tars HOF

Madison III SH CGC

AFC FC Buster Keeton MH

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Rebel Rouser Star

Am FC Linden's Little Jessie CD MH

Am Ch Camarily Sand Dollar
Linden's Little Renegade CD


Am/Can Ch Valhi's Stick to Your Guns CD VC HOF

Am Ch Boshar's Budapest Babe
Francesca von Witwen

Am Ch Abby Hills Winsong
Megan Marie Neuman

Mating Partners: 42
Even Sweeter Tess
October Rust Black Magic
October Rust Shiloh's Zetta / Shiloh's Zetta
Onpoint's Crowned Victoria
Topstock Opening Belle
Sable II
Miss Independence Dame
Rebel Rouser Ramblin Rose
Burr Oak's Kiss Me Kate
Just Audrey
Crimson's Holland From Linden
Walnut Hill's Just Bingo
Lorac Just Annie
Budapest Gypsy Lady
Priden Joy Lady Gracefield
My 'lil Mel-Annie
Muller's Bailley Violet Moon
Sky Rocket Booster
Chrisands Kenai
Sandor VII
Ck Penny
Midnight Run's Shiloh Femme Fatale
Barben's Happy Ending
Hungarian Ginger Spice
Strider's Amber Weiss
Barben's Absolut Joie De Vivre
Gracie Allens Hungry Dog
Midwest Dream Miss T Storm
Red River's Southern Harmony
Ramblin Rivers Ava Matava / Little Yellow Jacket *
Sonsteby's Backwater Ruby Deux
Drycreek's Hanna Montana
Crimson's Isidora Rizzini
Burr's Princess Warrior
Shawnee's Red Lioness
Vanguard's Neon Genesis
Daddy's Illini Hottie
Huntin With A Lil' Swagger
Bella Edwards

Offspring: 245
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Annie X
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Barben's Guns And Roses
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Firestorms Trailblazer
Gdr's Jingle Belle Rizzo
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Gee Gee
Gimli (AKC)
Graces Lilly Belle
Grand Duchess of Moscow Mills
Gunner XVII
Gus II
Harbor Point's Mackinaw
Haza Shiloh's Haley
Holding Point 'Hunter'
Hot Shot Busch Pilot
J & J's 'Jasmine' Sullivan
Jazz III
Jb's Double Action Ruger
Jessie Rew
Johnny Cash
June Carter-Cash
Just Bella Crimson's Red
Just Manton's Sky Kenai
Just Sedona Crimson
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Midnightrun Reggae Somethin Special
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Midwest Dream Duke
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Muller Scherr's Cv Hunter
Murphy's Dream Dog Ike
Nan Tuckette Isle
Newt Rippley Reno
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October Rust Magic Hat
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Penny Lin
Peppered By A Ruger
Pipers Iva Dell
Pohanka's Dakota Bodie
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Pyzon Borue at Midnight Run
Ramblin River Crimson Reed
Ramblin River Enzo Troka
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Ramblin Rivers American Storm
Ramblin Rivers Crimson Auggie
Ramblin Rivers Crimson Rayne
Ramblin Rivers Crimson Sky
Rc's Top Notch Rexcavator
Re-Run Ruger's Mojo
Rebel Ranger Duke
Red Dog Hill's Black Collared Bandit
Red Label's Machine Gunner
Red River Jamball Eve Of Destruction
Red River's Boxa Southern Clay
Red River's Flash Mob
Red River's My Funny Valentine
Red River's Southern Express
Red River's Southpaw
Red River's Start Your Engines
Red Road's Running Ruger
Red Rocket Jack
Redrock's Full of Rage
Remi of Midnight Run
Riff Raff's Zero Mostel
Rijeka Adelina Rumour Has It
Rijeka Cuyahoga Fire
Rijeka Home On The Range
Rijeka's Bolt Action Banner
Rijeka's Lily Evans Potter
Riley Of Skoglundfarm
Rockit Dog
Rojo De Tejas Twenty Gauge Luger / Rojo De Tejas Luger
Roque Gg Ruger
Ruby Wrinkles Efford-Reid
Ruger Magnum Hamboyan
Ruger's Barron von Buddy Boy
Ruger's Durite Doll Zenith
Ruger's Triple Crown
Rugers Rebel Ann
Rugers Red Label Zoey
Rusty Crimson's Ruger
Sadie's Red Fern 'Annie'
Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Sand Creek's Lord Lambeau
Sandor's Mini Mia
Sassy Brassy Van Zandt
Satin Doll Sadi
Shawnee's Golden Lioness
Shawnee's Twenty Gauge Long Shot
Shermanator's Bouncing Boomer
Shiloh's Rock My World
Sir Floyd of Huntley
Sir Luke of Crimson Sky
Sir Red Hot Chili Pepper
Sirius Titan
Sizzlevilles Abby Sue
Sizzlevilles Autumn Blaze
Sizzlevilles Blaze Of Glory
Sizzlevilles Bosco
Sizzlevilles Buckshot
Sizzlevilles Evening Star
Sizzlevilles Lightning Lily
Sizzlevilles Maggy
Sizzlevilles Midnight Ruby
Sizzlevilles Polly
Sizzlevilles Red Bee
Sizzlevilles Tornatious Lilady
Skyfall Adele
Smokin' JRD
Sonsteby's Crackerjack Flash
Sonsteby's Firestorm On Red Dog Hill
Sonsteby's Lady Madison
Sonsteby's Mississippi Ruger Buda
Sonsteby's Mya Girl
Sonsteby's Red Roamer
Sonsteby's Walter And The Outlaws
South Texas Rust
Spiess' Rooster Raider
Spirit of Independence
Srk Peka Seka's Hailey Ann
Sugar River Bailey
Tammy's Adi Dassler
The Importance of Being Ernest Polkow
Tori's Belle Lollypop
Tot Emerson
Tru Empress Sisi
Tula Vajda of Vizslas
Twent Gauge Copper Shot
Twenty Carat Ruger
Twenty Gauge Tinkerbell
Tybor's Bud Lite
Vanguard's Foolish Pleasure
Vivacious Penny 'Peterson'
Vk's Twenty Gauge Gunnar / V K's Gunnar
Vk's Twenty Gauge Xr / V K's Deuce
Walnut Hill's Hot Rod Rocket
Walnut Hill's Sir Duke
Wescobee Adler
Whitelake Drake
Winddrifts Sonic
Wingshot's Son Of A Gun
With All Guns Blazing
Xena Gabrielle
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Siblings: 10
Crimson's Arrieta Lady Double
Crimson's Calvin Rufus Sca
Crimson's South Pawsyrus
Crimson's Zero 2 60 In 5 Sec
Golyo Kasza
Monty Zoomer Chapman
Shiloh's Jade Dragon
Shiloh's Rommel's Blitzkrieg

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