Nat/Int/Hnr/Vet/SV Ch Hnr/Vet/SV ChB SV ChS, Am NFC NGDC FC AFC (AF)NAFC (AF)Ch Lundy's Red Bull CGC ROM

Call Name: Bull

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SR44084705 / FDSB 1603004
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 14 AUG 2007
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 24.440%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mike Lundy,
Laura Miller [ Millstar ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Eye Test: Tested 2014
Thyroid: OFA-Normal 2014
Heart Test: OFA-Normal - Practitioner
Health Notes: CHIC: 96446
DNA profile: V540272

OFA: VZ-11684G30M-VPI

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Nat/Int/Hnr/Vet/SV Ch Hnr/Vet/SV ChB SV ChS, Am NFC NGDC FC AFC (AF)NAFC (AF)Ch Lundy's Red Bull CGC ROM


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Siblings: 4
Lit'L Red Dirt Girl
Redneck Primetime
S & B's Perfect Show Red Tara
Showtime's Encore

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